Thermopump heating systems

What is a thermopump?

The heat pump is a thermal machine that takes energy from water, air and soil, converts it and brings into the heating and plumbing systems of a building to heat rooms and provide domestic hot water.

By reversing the cycle, it cools the rooms of an individual house, condominium, company or business, all from a single system.

What are the advantages?

  • runs on electricity (less expensive than gas and fuel oil)

  • high efficiency and savings of up to 75% (lower consumption and lower bills)

  • easy installation (air/water units do not require excavation)

  • higher energy class (increases the value of the property)

  • environmental sustainability (no combustion and no CO2 emissions)

  • guaranteed long life (our heat pumps are guaranteed for 30 years)

  • can be combined with photovoltaics (additional energy-economic benefits)

  • have the function of cooling/warming and dehumidifying the environment in summertime
  • valid for residential buildings (single-family and multi-family) or any other type of building
  • these systems are easy to install and less intrusive, and can often be easily integrated into existing buildings.
  • it can be a simple system with a mono split (one air conditioner) up to larger systems called VRV (with up to 40 air conditioners)