…Massimo Cascianini…

Matteo Cascianini,
Tommaso Cascianini,
Chiara Cascianini

…A story of today…
On the road to tomorrow


n the life of an exemplary entrepreneur, correct internal balances are such essential values that they promote and sustain professionalism.

Moreover, they produce effects which, apart from the unilateral pursuit of business success, are inseparably linked to the highest meaning of Existence.


he open and honest care of human relations, which must always place man at the centre of attention; the excellence of the work, pursued by generously lavishing all energies, according to the virtues obtained afterwards; a serene and objective self-control of the human drive for Power, with the simple and convinced practice of Humility; and finally, the firm proscription of the search for a profit that aims at opulence; are at the basis of the growth of spiritual values, strength and lymph of Being.

The family,

must claim the right not to be dispossessed of the indispensable and dutiful solicitude, in favour of or in exchange for the profession, or whatever level it proposes.

The culture,

is the ideal encounter with the profession, transfusing into it, with penetrating sensitivity, the maximum of what human knowledge represents in the society in which one lives and works.

The Interior Life,

represents the Source from which man draws his external behaviour, with which he then confronts society.

Moral, Spiritual and Religious Endowments,

are infallible parameters of assured professional success. The manager who, with conscious honesty, admits his own limitations, is willing to understand those of his co-workers; the religious spirit, which is a gift from God, enables an exemplary professional to put himself joyfully at the service of the Society of Men.

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