Ventilation systems

VENTILATION SYSTEMS What is a VMC system and where is it needed? A VMC system is a system for controlled mechanical ventilation, that is, a device designed for continuous air exchange in the home and indoor environments. Deciding to implement a VMC system in the home makes it possible to provide correct air exchange in […]

Air conditioning systems

What are air conditioning systems for? Air-conditioning systems are installations that are able to achieve, preserve and control fixed temperature and relative humidity conditions in the served environments. All modern air conditioning units are inverter type, i.e. they can both cool and heat. What types of air conditioning systems exist? AIR SYSTEMS Air is the […]

Thermopump heating systems

Thermopump heating systems What is a thermopump? The heat pump is a thermal machine that takes energy from water, air and soil, converts it and brings into the heating and plumbing systems of a building to heat rooms and provide domestic hot water. By reversing the cycle, it cools the rooms of an individual house, […]

Maintenance of all kinds of installations

Maintenance of all kinds of installations Every plant needs maintenance, contracts are drawn up for each individual customer according to need Ventilation systems, in particular kitchens, restaurants, refectories or particular installations (manufacture of cloth, paper, production of oil vapors, etc.) requires special cleaning of the various elements, including the network of channels Our company performs […]

24-hour on-call service

24-hour on-call service We offer a 24-hour intervention and repair service for all types of installations. Our staff can respond quickly to your needs and resolve them in the best possible way SERVICES

Air purification

AIR PURIFICATION Why improve air quality with technology? Indoor air quality is a key determinant of healthy living. Exposure to air pollutants, both outdoor and indoor, can affect health. Never before has the topic of indoor air quality become so crucial, and correlated technologies represent essential solutions to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens, such […]